The Who and the Why

“Relax, Josh. This is just an introduction for your blog. No one’s gonna judge you for it. Just introduce yourself, write what goes on in your mind, and you’re good to go.”

That’s me trying to motivate myself to write this first post and embark on a journey that will make me a better person. Or at least put an end to my cosmic laziness and procrastination.

You see, I studied journalism in college, and I actually write pretty well, from news articles to storyboards for documentaries and everything else in between. I also do a little graphics on the side. But when it comes to voicing my own thoughts, telling my own stories…well, that’s a different story. I’m not sure if I lack the confidence to share my stories to other people or if I’m too anxious to start because I think what I make will not be as perfect as what I want it to be.

And that just sucks – having a journalism degree and not having your own voice.

So I’m starting my own blog to help me find my own voice – one that I won’t be afraid to share to the world. I want to build myself into the man I want to be, to change bad habits and replace them with ones that can help me reach my full potential.

Self-discovery and self-improvement.

That means I’ll write regularly about my life – the things that keep me busy, the projects I’ve been working on, and the reasons that make it worth living.

I also want to connect with like-minded folks who make improving themselves a big deal. Taking that first step to self-improvement can be really daunting. I’ve taken a shot at it myself for a few times, and to be honest, I’ve been doing great…at first. But when you have no one to share your milestones with, you start forgetting how good it feels to smash your goals, and soon enough, you just don’t care. That’s why I want to be able to interact and share this journey with others who, despite having a rough time, are still moving forward because they want this so bad – to be truly awesome.

And lastly, I want this blog to serve as practice for my writing (guess that was obvious) and also to improve my social skills. I like to believe that I’m a really awkward creature who likes to interact with other people but sometimes can’t because shyness gets in the way.

But that changes starting today.

Welcome to my blog, and I hope you have a good day. 🙂