War Diary – Day 01: Change Is Coming

Just like they say in the social media, “Change Is Coming” for the country, with the proclamation of its newly-elected president Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte. But in order for a country to change, a change in leadership is not enough.

Each citizen must be willing to make a change. Each citizen must be willing to change. Much like if a person wants to change, he has to start from within.

That’s what I’m starting today: changing myself to be a better individual and trying to be more disciplined and responsible. And I’m doing that by joining a war.

That’s right. The 30-day war between subreddits /r/Heirs_of_the_Sun vs. /r/pornfree vs. /r/disciplesofgrace.

I don’t have much time ’til the day ends so I’m just gonna keep this short. This “war diary” is gonna be a place where I will keep track of my thoughts and activities during the course of this war, especially those that are closely relevant or useful for the war.

And unlike the previous war that I participated in last year, I consider myself to be one of the frontliners this time, and that means that I will be taking an active and aggressive stance in my goals as an individual and in our battles as an army.

This is no time to be thinking exclusively for myself, because my downfall is the downfall of my entire army. No, I won’t be that guy anymore. I used to value isolation because I could focus more easily that way, but I realized I only chose isolation over the company of other people because that is where I am comfortable.

But I could never grow if I stay in my comfort zone. I would never be able to feel the burden of having someone rely on me, of a group of people depending on my success for their survival. I’ve never really considered myself a team player.

Until now.

Today is the day I will shackle the bindings that limit what I think I’m capable of. I think I’m so sure what my limits are, when in truth, I’m not even scratching the surface of my potential. I need to experience suffering, pain, and the sharp stings of discomfort in order to stretch my limits, to train my willpower.

In order to be able to change, I need to be willing to sacrifice.

Comfort does not take the top priority now. The willingness to be better does.

And with that, I conclude my report on the first day of war.



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