barbed wire fence

Random Thoughts on Fences

I’ve not seen that many fences in my life. Most of the separators that are used in my hometown were solid walls, sometimes made of stone, sometimes of metal. Maybe there were fences made of vertical metal railing here and there, but even that is very rare.

The only place during my childhood where I remember a lot of fences was in my mother’s hometown. The highly agricultural town of Tukod, San Rafael was where I experienced my fair share of freshness and a detachment from technology. It was there that I experienced how the people before me have lived life – free from the complexities and consequences of technology.

fence post with barbed wire

An example of fences in my mother’s hometown.

Speaking of fences, most of the fences I saw during my family’s visit there weren’t made of the wood planks that are common among western homes. Fences there were made of barbed wires stretched horizontally in between wood posts, usually about 5-foot tall, firmly planted on the ground. From what I recall that’s how they used to make fences there, and my lola’s (grandmother’s) house there still has the exact kind of fence up to this day.

Why do they make fences? From what I deduce, they use fences mainly to separate and to indicate borders. Simple function for a simple structure. And for rural areas like my mom’s hometown, I guess fences were pretty much useful in establishing borders, where one’s land ends and another begins, which is great because people there couldn’t afford to leave any piece of land stagnant when they could use it for farming and pasturing.

I’m still considering whether I’d make use of fences in my future home and which kind to use if ever, and right now I’m kind of undecided. I mean I’ve lived in a dorm in Manila where houses are cramped so close to each other in such a small area, that there is literally no more space for fences and you and your neighbor are separated by just a few inches of concrete. But then I guess that’s an entirely different style of housing, one that emphasizes practicality over privacy and comfort – and I have to say that this kind of housing is indeed very affordable.

Maybe this isn’t yet the time to be pondering on such things. There is a lot more I want to do – to become – before I finally settle down and establish my dream home. Better focus on those priorities first.

Daily Prompt – Fences



  1. does anyone actually read about fences? no judgement zone here, just curious


    • This is just my response to one of the daily prompts over at The Daily Post, as I have trouble coming up with topics to write about. I didn’t know if anyone would read it, and I didn’t write it with the main purpose of being read, but to simply help me get the words flowing.

      But seeing as there are people who liked this post, then yes, there are still some people who actually read about fences. šŸ™‚

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