Being Too Open-Minded

I’ve never reflected in my life for a long time. Like, really sat down in a quiet place with a pen and notebook in hand, looking deep inside me to come up with something profound. Last time I did that was in high school, and that’s because it’s a requirement for our Christian Living class. So I had this idea that soulful reflection is somehow a religious activity.

Fast forward four years later, and my whole life has undergone a major change. The man who previously aspired to serve the Lord by bring a priest has been exposed to a culture so different than what he’s used to, and he was like a sponge, absorbing it all in. His beliefs changed, his outlook in life, his dreams maybe… He also got lost along the way, and there are still moments when he’s doubting his existence, pondering on what his purpose in life truly is. That’s all part of the man writing this little blog you’re reading right now.

I’m gonna admit, I wasn’t as religious as I was before. College has taught me to look at things in an entirely different perspective – with logic. I liked it. It allowed me to see the flaws in an argument when a person uses religious concepts to rebut an idea. Maybe that’s why I saw being religious as synonymous to being close-minded because religious people tend to be loyal to a certain way of thinking that they have to limit their mindset so as to stay faithful to their religion.

And college has opened my mind to a whole new world of ideas that I just kept taking and taking and taking…without reviewing if what I was taking could be helpful to my growth.

Just as there are downsides to being restricted to a certain way of thinking, being open-minded could also be detrimental, in a sense where you just take in everything without looking if what you’re getting is still what you wanted in the first place. In my case, I guess I became too open-minded that I sort of lost my own mind in the motley of noise and nonsense blabber that I was exposed to. That’s why I’m having a hard time right now expressing myself as I am, without any extra dash of salt and a serving of doubt. But that’s why I’m keeping this blog, to gradually rediscover myself – not my old self, but the self that was the sum total of all my experiences in life whether good or bad. And this is a nice start, if I do say so myself.



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