Commence Reality

So, last week I made my first blog post, and then I slipped back to being stagnant. Or maybe not really. I subscribed to the Fundamentals course of Blogging University, and I was only able to follow up to Day Five out of the nine emails that are already in my inbox as of time of writing. I’m not even satisfied with my theme yet – I’m still on the tedious process of trying out a lot of different themes ’till I find one that fits. But before that, I’m gonna focus on writing content that kicks ass.

Speaking of which, I wanna talk about today’s efforts to self-improvement. First off, I tried making a weekly planner. So I got a template from a video I watched from The Art of Manliness, opened up Excel, and made a pretty accurate replica of that table.

But when it came to filling out those blank boxes, that’s where I failed.

weekly planning fail

Here’s my attempt at planning my Monday.

Maybe because I’m trying to plan my week on a Monday instead of a Sunday. But I also know that I really don’t have much of an experience in planning, so I didn’t know which tasks I should do first to achieve maximum efficiency.

Meaning I should continue practicing my planning skills.

And so, with some sort of plan set out for myself, I went on with my day, trying to stick to my schedule, but not too much that I become counter-productive. For instance, I wasn’t able to take the dogs out on a run at 9 am because I needed to take a dump. But seeing as I don’t have anything on the 9:30 box, I spent that time running back and forth the front of our house with Alexis and Potchi (our dogs).

Fast forward to after lunch, that’s when I set to doing the two 650-word articles for a freelance assignment. And that took me the whole afternoon to finish. So yeah, no art-making and reading e-books today. 😦

On the other hand, what I did today was not something I do everyday. I took the time to allocate my time to the things that matter, and although I haven’t finished them all, I feel great for taking a shot and being able to accomplish something today.

I also joined a subreddit called Heirs of the Sun which aims to motivate people in their fight against porn addiction by simulating an Army-style training. But that is a story for another day.

Have any thoughts about planning? Share them in the comments below!



  1. I’m a huge planner. I do things according to how they pan out in my mind and I say you should give yourself credit for planning! Congrats! ❤


  2. Hey there. I am sucks at planing too, especially making a schedule like yours. Eventually, i just give up. However, I still list out all the stuff I want to do in a day. What I found work best for me is that, try to increase the time limit of the stuff you want to do than it usually takes. For instance, if you usually need an hour to do writing, then maybe give yourself another half an hour or an hour to do the job. You will be less stressed out, and do better there is no a wolf chasing behind you. Also, I usually only assign myself two to three things to do a day. The problem of us is that, we make our schedule too tight. Therefore, we will lose motivation once we failed to follow the schedule.

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    • You’re absolutely right, Eric. That’s exactly what happened to me – I filled every box with tasks that I’m not sure I really want to do, and of course I wasn’t able to do them all. As more and more tasks were left undone, I felt that planning isn’t working for me, and soon (after 5 days to be exact) I gave up. I went through the day without having a concrete plan, I just did what came to mind. Most of my time was spent playing online and I accomplished almost nothing.

      This is one of my bad habits: not having the perseverance to push through the initial failures when trying something new.

      But I shall start planing again and apply the tips you gave. Hopefully it works for me too. Thanks, Eric! 🙂

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